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Your Baby's Head Development

While your pediatrician will be checking your child's head development, it's the daily activities and attention from parents that really makes the difference in your baby’s health.

Flat Head Syndrome (or Plagiocephaly) is a condition where the back of a child's head becomes flat. One study reported finding that Flat Head Syndrome affected up to 48% of babies! Since babies can sleep on their backs from 12-15 hours a day and with the advent of swings, rockers, bouncers and car seats, it is no surprise how much at risk they are.

If the condition is detected after 4 months, or has become severe then your child may likely have to wear a specialized helmet consistently for several months to correct his or her head shape. To help prevent this, we've developed a new tool so you can check on your baby daily.

Child-specific screening & counseling for flat head

or Positional Plagiocephaly

Early detection and preventative exercises are key

In most instances, if flat head syndrome is detected early, simple repositioning exercises, along with adequate tummy time, can correct the condition and potentially avoid the need for helmet therapy.

Thats why it’s important for parents to be aware of their baby’s head shape. Simply use the app to take a photo of your baby’s head from above and get an assessment of any flat areas.


Take charge over your baby’s health by regularly screening your baby’s head development for any flat spots and communicate early onset of signs to your healthcare professional.


Know that you are doing the most you can to ensure your baby’s head shape is developing properly; track and monitor the amount of tummy time and assess head shape with the tools necessary at your immediate disposal.

Early detection

No more waiting until your child’s next clinic visit to see if your child’s head is developing correctly; now you can get an assessment of head shape as often as you want and communicate the images with your healthcare provider.

Medical Quality Technology
in Your Pocket

Our app, Little Angel Medical, allows you to regularly monitor how much tummy-time your baby receives as well assess your baby's head shape in order to detect the onset of any flat spots. Backed by published clinical algorithms and developed by board certified physicians, Little Angel Medical allows for more frequent monitoring than standard clinic visits leading to an earlier assessment and therefore earlier referral to a physician that can suggest preventive measures based on clinical practice guidelines.

If a flat spot is developing, then Little Angel Medical will not only allow for regular assessments but will also provide easy access to information related to flat head syndrome and related exercises that can be done at home to help alleviate flat head syndrome. You'll also be able to track your baby's head shape over time and communicate your findings to your health care professional to ensure that everything is progressing well.

Instant Results

Get head shape assessment immediately after taking a picture of your baby’s head.


Compile past results and view the progression of any flat areas. Get reassurance from seeing measurements and improvements.


Tummy-time is the most effective way to prevent Flat Head Syndrome. Use our log to keep track of your baby’s tummy-time minutes.


Get immediate knowledge about if your child may be developing a flat spot. Use the head test tool to help follow a previous diagnosis made by your doctor.

Easy to Use

With all the challenges parents face, rest assured that there is a simple and effective way to monitor your baby’s head shape development

Medical Advice

Facilitated supplemental clinical care, by prompting, and allowing for communication of images and other related information to a healthcare provider.

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